Basil Frank wins grand prize 1997 Osaka Triennale -Of 5,062entries .submitted by 1,500 artists from 91 countries.


Dir.Prof. Shigenobu Kimura Hyogo Prefectural Museum Art.;

Richard Koshalek, ex-Dir Moca LA;

Hideo Tomiyana Dir. Nat. Museum Modern Art, Kyoto;

Tadayasu Sakai Director, The Museum of Modern Art

Tadayasu Sakai Director ,the National Museum of Modern Art ,Osaka,Japan.

Lim Young –Bang formerly , The National Museum of Contemporary Art ,Korea.

Hideo Tomiyana,Director The National Museum of Modern Art , Kyoto,Japan.


Dr.  Michael Sgan –Cohen 1997 publ.  On winning Grand –Prix Osaka Triennale.

‘Frank’s photo  sculptures communicate a feeling for volume and sculptural space, projecting a high- resolution sculptural presence; they make an effective and free artistic format,original and interesting (late Dr. Michael Sgan- Cohen, artist,art-critic,Jerusalem1997) Franks works, sometimes kinky and brutal,sometimes more conceptually driven and even formalistic,once more proved to stand against a varied and international background. He is able to remain original and innovative, both in his photographic and his plastic works.

Osaka  SHINBUN SAKEI HAYAZE    OSAKA newspaper in Osaka ,Culture 30/11/97

“Chinese  Printmaking” in 1999 on article on my work Jaws and White Dog.

January 1998-artcritic Akiko Katsuta,Tokyo.

Year: 1998 Jiangsu Art Monthly 1998  (publ. China)PG.10.


Best of First Awards World Contemporary Art – May 1998 – Los Angeles, USA

Maginot Line’ photography collage wall peice

Jurors &Critic : Peter Frank – Art Critic, Los Angeles Weekly and Art News;

Eva Kirsch – Curator, writer and lecturer, California State University, San B;

The Jose Tasende – Tasende Gallery, California..

Critique on Basil C. Frank   Los Angeles Weekly.World Contemporary Art ’98   Los Angeles.

Grafik-Triennale –Frechen, Germany

Transmutation ’Blutenblatter fallen aus dem  Bild’ –Kolner Stadt-Auzeger, 7/08/1999

Critic  Von Bettina Jochheim.

3rd Prize Israel/Sudafrika Basil Colin Frank,Transmutation (Materialization X) digital, inkjet  on paper .

International Print  Trienniale (SMTG) Krakow

Juror, Curator President, Diector Witold Skulicz ; Angst 21st Century   Inkjet digital–Europejskie  Miasto Kultury. IPT   Krakow 2000, Award City Opole. 2,300 artists from 76 countries  participated total of 12,500 works.

Biennale Internazionale Dell ‘Arte Contemporanea ,Citta’ di Firenze Terze edizione, Italy.

.The Sacrifice”. – awarded the “Lorenzo il Magnifico“prize inkjet, digital prints ‘The Sacrifice and Points of View’.

Jurors& Curators : Prof.John T.Spike, Prof.Barbara Rose. The juror ,curator, critic  David Rubin of the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans wrote,

‘Frank’s award-winning works was among the more cutting-edge work on view’.

International  Print Trienniale  MTG.Krakow, Poland

MTG-IPT) MTG.Krakow 2003-‘Bridge to the Future

Juror, Curator President, Director Witold Skulicz  (’, REGULAR AWARD “Peacedance”  . World Award Winners Gallery Katowice. Exhibited throughout Europe under the title Triennial of 100 Cities-Europe



Work on display online.

International Biennial Splitgraphic, Croatia

2007 International Biennial Splitgraphic ARTREVOLUTION

3-special award , Basil C. Frank),Split.2007 “Maiden with a Gun/girl with a Turban” 

Critic juror Marin Majic, an art historian. renowned graphic artists. Awards to Splitgraphic over the years finest media  graphic artist like Vasko Lipovac, Masahiro Fukuda, Hugo Besard, Yoshio Imamura, David Kidd, Basil C. Frank, Nevenka Albanians and Mayans Frankovic Vodopija, Janice Wong, Brite Weglin ,Hishasija Kurachija..

Tallinin Print Triennial, Estonia


10th international award a medal from UNESCO&DIPLOMA at the 2nd INTERNATIONAL ART & SCIENCE FESTIVAL  Achaia Clauss Greece  September 2009 under the aegis of Greek Federation  for UNESCO.signed by Maronitis Ioanis VP For Europe & North America  and Panagiotis Zervas of the Zervas Gallery &Scientific Committee of the University of Patras,
and the International Scientific Artistic Committee (I.S.A.C.).

This photograph is about the state of children in war zones, the use of children as defensive shields; a canon and other weapons of war of destruction purposely placed in population centers to gain a psychological, political and military advantage. The state of the wounded and dead is in natural contravention with the jurors in World Courts and the Geneva Convention. A common ploy used in terror zones throughout the world 20th/21st century where one nation is subject to guerilla warfare tactics as any means to an end. Where the oppressed versus the oppressor or vice versa the establishment of a nation-state subject to confrontation.

2nd International Digital Biennial Gdynia Poland  – Statuette Era Art.

Curator &Jurors ERA ART organizer MuzeumMiasta Gdyni  Martyna Jagieluk, Jan Pamula  digital technology Basil Colin Frank Golum’s renaissance  

Aomori Print Trienniale 2010 Aomori, Japan

Jurys Special Award .

 “The Saartje Baartman Story”

Jury Special Prize  FRANK Basil  Colin THE SAARTJE BAARTMAN STORY  digital Inkjet print   HAMADA Goji Director, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre Jurors Comment ; NAKARE Yusuke Professor emeritus, Kyoto Seika University SAKAI Tadayasu Directors comment Basil Colin Frank Setagaya Art Museum.  NISHINO Yoshiaki Director ,University Museum ,Tokyo.  FRAM KITAGAWA Japan Times . General Director of Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale,   Professor Joshibi  University of Art and Design.

The London International Creative Competition™ (LICC), UK.

Honorable Mention for Printmaking {2010)

2010 CULTURE INSIDE EUTOPIA Artistic Visions of Europe, Luxembourg

Basil Colin FRANK –Israel Sculpture: The Affirmation

Winners selected by the cultural committee: Basil Colin FRANK Curators Committee Jef Bourgeau Mona Detroit Gila Paris Luxembourg-Cristina Lopez  Frank Shifreen – Artist,curator,teacher NYC USA


2012Curators Martyna Jagieluk  Prof Adam Romaniuk w Katowicach 2012 “.In search of the waters of oblivion”

Fourth International Biennial of Digital Graphic Arts GDYNIA, POLAND.

Frank Basil Jerusalem Israel ,”Close encounters of a 3rd”Kind nomination .Prof Miroslaw Pawlowski Juror University Poznan

See Me organization NYC USA.

screened 25-story-tall billboard in Times Square 26thJJuly 2014

Honoured with the GOLDEN  AWARD    Qianjiang international art museum GLOBAL ARTS AGENDA 2016 G20 HANGZHOU, CHINA.

International Art Exchange Exhibition 

Qianjiang international art museum, Hangzhou City

5G 5th International Biennial of Graphic Digital Arts- Gdynia, Poland 2016 ERA  ART President Marta Pogorzelec  nomination BASIL COLIN FRANK  TransmutationX  


Global Arts Awards 2017 Dubai UAR


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